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Nominate someone for the hof

The HOF Committee relies on nominations from the public and does not generate nominations internally. Further, the committee relies on the detailed information provided by the nominator about the nominee so that the committee may adequately evaluate each nomination. It is important that the nominator provide as much detail as possible regarding the history of the nominee’s athletic accomplishments. Please see the guidelines below for information regarding nominations. Nominations should be submitted to Athletic Clerk at Duncan High School: Carrie Ridley -

The deadline for nominations for the current HOF class is April 30.



Athletes, coaches, teams, administrators, or supporters, living or deceased, shall be eligible for induction subject to the criteria below. All nominees must represent the Duncan High School tradition of excellence and integrity.


  ▪   Eligible 10 years after graduation from IHS (i.e., 2008 grad for 2018 induction)

  ▪   Must be an DHS graduate - selection committee will have discretion in unique, special circumstances (i.e., death, accident) 

  ▪   Must have lettered in one or more Varsity sports.

  ▪  Athletic ability, sportsmanship, character, leadership, contribution to team and the games he/she participated in. A similar standard of ethics shall have characterized the years following their time at Duncan High School, to the best of the committee’s knowledge.

  ▪  Awarded All-Conference, All-State, All District, any individual or team championship, any record or winning streak, league leader in recognized statistical category, college scholarship, etc. Achievements should be on record and verified by copies of news clippings, yearbooks, certificates of awards, etc. All-star teams, tournaments, and awards were less common in earlier eras and documentation of achievements might not exist, especially for older nominees. This should be taken into consideration.

  ▪  Committee may also consider post-graduate activities including college and professional experience.


  • Any coach with 10+ years coaching experience at DHS is eligible (the Committee may make exceptions as to years experience in unique, special circumstances).

  • Accomplishments (individual or teams) must have merited league and/or statewide recognition, as well as made significant contributions to the athletic programs at DHS.

  • Coaching ability, loyalty to DHS, leadership, character, athletic expertise, significant contribution to their teams and to the sports they coached must have been demonstrated.

  • The same ethical and life standards expected of his/her athletes shall also characterize the life of the coach.


▪ Championship teams having attained record status.


▪ Exceptional leadership, character, loyalty to DHS and the passion for, and support of, the success of DHS athletics is paramount.

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